Adding WMS Layers

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Adding WMS Layers

Adding WMS layers to the map may be a complicated task, so MapManager provides a custom dialogue to support this option. By selecting the 'Add WMS Layer' menu item in the layer panel the following dialogue is shown:

Specifying the WMS Server

After specifying the WMS server URL the supported layers can be retrieved by pressing the 'Load Layers' button.
In case if the server requires authentication or the connection is established through a proxy then you should click on the 'Connection' button and set up the connection parameters in the following dialogue:

If the connection to the server has been established successfully you can retrieve the server details by clicking on the 'Details' button. The server parameters are shown in the following dialogue:

Selecting the WMS Layers

The layers provided by the server are displayed in the tree view on the left side of the 'WMS Layers' section. After selecting a layer and clicking on the 'Add' button the selected layer is added to the list view on the right. You can remove one or more layers from the selection by using the 'Remove' button.

The list of the selected layers can also be reordered by using the 'Move Up' and 'Move Down' buttons. These layers can be added to the map as a single layer by selecting the 'Add the selected layers as a single layer' checkbox. When this checkbox is not selected MapManager will create a new layer for each layer specified in the list of the selected layers.

If the selected layer supports multiple styles the desired style can be selected in the 'Style' listbox. Further information about the selected layer may be displayed on the right of the 'Style' listbox.

Specifying the Image Format and the Background

The image format can be selected in the 'Image Format' combo. The background colour and transparency are specified in the 'Image Background' section of the dialogue. The colour can be selected with the Colour Selector control.

Specifying the Coordinate Reference System

The Coordinate Reference System are specified in the 'Projection' listbox which contains the list of the supported projections. You can tick the 'Show Projection Description instead of SRS' checkbox to display the projection names instead of the EPSG codes in the 'Projection' listbox.