Application Settings

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Application Settings

The Application Settings Dialogue allows you to edit the properties of the MapManager application.

The properties are divided into the following groups:


The general tab contains the common settings of the application.


Layer Panel

The layer panel tab contains the settings of the tree view in the Layer Panel.


Note: When the layer contains only a single class, style and label, the class and style node is not shown in the tree view (default class, style and label).

Colour Ramps

The colour ramps tab allows to specify colour ramps used by the Theme Wizards.


The specified colour ramps are shown in the list view with images to represent the defined colour scales. By clicking on the 'New' button we can define a new colour ramp in the New Colour Ramp Dialogue. Selecting a colour ramp in the list and clicking on the 'Edit' button allows to modify the settings of the colour ramp in the Edit Colour Ramp Dialogue. The selected colour ramp can be deleted using the 'Delete' button.