Class Property Editor

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Property Editor - Class Object

The Class Property Editor provides a dialogue to edit the properties of a class object. Each layer can have one or more classes that are able to provide a subset of the features in the layer and allow distinct symology and label styles. Each class can have multiple style objects and multiple label objects. The Class Property Editor contains a preview window to show how the class will be rendered.

The properties of the Class Property Editor are divided into the groups, each group is represented by a separate tab sheet. The Class Property Editor contains the following property groups and parameters:


The General tab allows you to set the general properties of the class object.

('[FIRSTNAME]' + ',' + '[LASTNAME]')

For more information about the expression handling see MapServer Expressions


These names are case sensitive and must match the items in the shapefile. For example:

([POPULATION] > 50000 AND ‘[LANGUAGE]’ eq ‘FRENCH’) ...

The following logical operators are supported: =,>,<,<=,>=,=,or,and,lt,gt,ge,le,eq,ne. As you might expect this level of complexity is slower to process.

(length('[NAME_E]') < 8)

String comparisons and regular expressions work from the classitem defined at the layer level. You may mix expression types within the different classes of a layer.


The Display tab provides properties related to the rendering behaviour of the class