Individual Values Theme Wizard

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Theme Wizard - Individual Values

The Individual Values Theme Wizard provides an option for setting up different styles and labels based on the individual values of the selected attribute. The wizard allows you to choose the attribute on which to base the theme on the page below and retrieve the individual values accordingly:


By setting the Ignore Zero Values option the zeroes and the empty strings will be eliminated from the individual values list. The list of the individual values are displayed as separate predefined classes in the following page.


You can modify the content of the list by using the toolbar buttons in the same way as described in the Layer panel topic.

Add a new style to the selected class. You can define multiple styles which are rendered sequentially when drawing the class object. The multiple styles are displayed as separate sub-nodes in the tree. The parameters of style can be edited by right clicking on the node and selecting the Properties menu item.

Removes the selected item (Class or Style) from the collection.

Moves the selected item (Class or Style) up within the same collection.

Moves the selected item (Class or Style) down within the same collection.

The following additional parameters can be specified in the theme dialogue:

Right clicking on the class or style nodes the context menu is shown up. By selecting the Properties menu item the parameters can be modified by using the corresponding Class Property Editor or Style Property Editor.

Pressing the Finish button the changes will be applied on the layer and the Map Window will be refreshed accordingly or you can undo the changes with the Cancel button.