Label Property Editor

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Property Editor - Label Object

The Label Property Editor provides a dialogue to edit the properties of a label object. Each class object can have one or more label objects to define how the text are rendered along with the geometry features in the class. The Label Property Editor contains a sample window to show up how the label will be rendered.

The properties of the Label Property Editor are divided into the groups, each group is represented by a separate tab sheet. The Label Property Editor contains the following property groups and parameters:


The Rendering tab allows to set the properties related to the rendering of the label object.

Note: As of MapServer 6.0 the label BACKGROUND COLOUR was depreciated and replaced with label styles


The Display tab provides properties to specify whether the labels should be displayed or not.




The parameters related to the position of the labels.



Note: Curved labels are not aware of label styles with the current version of MapServer

maxlength = 0

maxlength > 0

maxlength < 0

wrap = ‘char’

always wrap at the WRAP character

newline at the first WRAP character after MAXLENGTH characters

hard wrap (always break at exactly MAXLENGTH characters)

no wrap

no processing

skip label if it contains more than MAXLENGTH characters

hard wrap (always break at exactly MAXLENGTH characters)


MapServer 6.0 introduced the Label Styles. In the Styles tab we can add one or more geometry styles behind the label. This can be useful to have shields and other cartographical symbols behind labels.


The configured styles are displayed in the left of the tab page. New style can be added by pressing the 'Add Style' button.

By selecting a style in the list we can use the 'Edit Style' button to display the corresponding Style Property Editor and use the 'Remove Style' button to remove the selected style. In case if multiple labels are specified, we can use the 'Move Up' and 'Move Down' buttons to change the rendering order of the labels.

Within the Style Property Editor the parameter Geom. Transformation is used to set whether the style is a point symbol (labelpnt) or a bounding rectangle (labelpoly). Styling the label symbol is then achieved with regular symbol styling techniques.