Map Property Editor

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Property Editor - Map Object

The Map Property Editor provides controls to set the properties of the map object. The properties are divided into groups, each group is represented by a separate tab sheet. Each explained below:


The General tab allows you to set the general properties of the map object.

Map Extent

The Map Extent tab allows the user to review or change the current view to the specified Zoom Width (Map Window Width), Map Scale or set the centre of the map to the specified coordinates.

Coordinate Space

The Coordinate Space tab allows the user to define the MapFile coordinate system and map units 

Image Details

The Image Details tab provides properties related to the Output Formats and scale bar and query properties.

Scale bar Properties button allows the rendering an embedded Scale bar on the map image according to the settings in the Scalebar Property Editor

QueryMap Properties button allows you to specify how the selected features are displayed on the map according to the settings of the QueryMap Property Editor