OGR Style Strings

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OGR Style Strings

According to the OGR - Feature Style Specification the following style definitions (drawing tools) may exist in the OGR data source and used for the auto style bindings:

Each drawing tool can take a number of parameters, all optional. A feature style can use a single tool, or use a combination of one or more tools. By combining the use of several tools in a style, one can build virtually any type of graphical representation.

Examples of OGR style strings

The following examples demonstrate the most generic style definitions and their parameters:

5 pixels wide red line:


A polygon filled in blue, with a black outline:


A point symbol:


A text label, taking the text string from the "text_string"

LABEL(f:"Times New Roman",s:12pt,t:{text_string})

Displaying the of OGR style strings for a layer

The OGR style strings cannot be altered by MapManager, however we can display this per-feature information by setting up the following OGR query in the 'Data' section in the Layer Property Editor.

select *, OGR_STYLE from [layername]

By setting up this OGR query the OGR_STYLE parameter (style string) can be displayed in the Selected Features Dialogue when selecting the feature(s) in MapManager.