Style Property Editor

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Property Editor - Style Object

The Style Property Editor provides a dialogue to edit the properties of a style object. Classes can have one or more styles. Multiple styles can be combined to create complex symbolgy or to show different style at different scale ranges. The styles are rendered sequentially when the class is drawn. The Style Property Editor contains a sample window to show how the style will finally be rendered with the layer.

While the style property editor can be used to create custom styles it can also be used to select styles predefined in the MapManager Style Library which is now the central repository of the predefined styles.

Construction of style for Point, Line and Polygon features use the feature set provided in the Style Property Editor. For example Symbol Size is used for  point feature symbols size but also for symbols within fill patterns. Symbol Size, Angle, Line Widths amongst other parameters all have impact on the rendering of patterns used within Polygons. For information on how to construct styles please see: Cartographical Symbol Construction with MapServer

Buffer the geometry ([shape]) using dist pixels as buffer distance. For polygons, a negative dist will produce a setback.

(buffer([shape], dist))