Text Window (Tab)

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The Text Window

The Text Window displays the current map file in a text editor. The text editor provides syntax highlighting for the supported keywords used in the MapFile syntax and we can expand/collapse the sections by using the plus-minus signs on the left side. The Text Window can be selected by the Text tab according to the image below:

You can modify the map configuration directly in the text editor. The modified configuration is automatically displayed when switching back to the map display mode. The line numbers are shown at the left side at the text editor.

Note: When the text tab is activated the layer panel is disabled to prevent from modifying the configuration from outside of the text editor.

Find and Replace dialogue

The text window provides the option to search for strings using the following dialogue:

In the Replace tag we can change the specified string with another string:

Shortcut Keys in Text Window


Text Editing

Ctrl + Z - Undo

Ctrl + Y - Redo

Ctrl + X - Cut

Ctrl + C - Copy

Ctrl + V - Paste

Ctrl + A - Select All

Ctrl + P - Display Print Dialog

Ctrl + Shift + P - Display Print Preview Dialogue

Ctrl + L - Line Cut

Ctrl + Shift + L - Line Delete

Ctrl + Shift + T - Line Copy

Ctrl + T - Line Transpose

Ctrl + D - Duplicate Selection

Ctrl + U - Set Selection Lower Case

Ctrl + Shift + U - Set Selection Upper Case

Ctrl + Space - Auto Completion Show

Text Navigation

Find and Replace

Ctrl + G - Go To Line

Ctrl + [ - Move To Previous Paragraph

Ctrl + Shift + [ - Select To Previous Paragraph

Ctrl + ] - Move To Next Paragraph

Ctrl + Shift + ] - Select To Next Paragraph

Ctrl + Numeric+ - Zoom In

Ctrl + Numeric- - Zoom Out

Ctrl + Numeric/ - Set Zoom

Ctrl + F - Display Find Dialogue Tab

Ctrl + H - Display Replace Dialogue Tab

F3 - Find Next

Shift + F3 - Find Previous

Ctrl + I - Incremental Search


Ctrl + Q - Comment Selected Lines

Ctrl + Shift + Q - Uncomment Selected Lines

Ctrl + M - Drop Marker Set

Escape - Collect Drop Markers