Working With Map Files

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Working with MapFiles

MapManager provides the option of creating new map configuration files or open existing mapfiles to change their configuration parameters. The mapfile contains the settings of the map objects according to the hierarchy defined by the MapServer Object Model.

Creating New Map Files

To create a new map configuration use the File/New menu item of the main menu. By using this, a default map configuration will be created by loading the default template file of MapManager. The MapManager template file is a regular map configuration file containing no layers specified by default. This file is located in the /templates subdirectory of the MapManager installation location. The /templates directory also contains the default symbolset file (symbols.sym) and fontset file (fontset.lst) which are assigned to the default map configuration in the MapManager template file. You might want to change the symbol file for setting up custom symbols and the fontset file to add new truetype fonts to the map configured by MapManager.  You may need to add new fonts if using existing spatial tables that specify fonts that are not in the default fontset file.

Opening Existing Map Files

To open an existing map configuration file use the File/Open menu item. MapManager will load the selected file and render the map view according to the settings specified. You could also open and change the default template file in the same way as opening any other map configuration files.

Note: If you open a map file created by an earlier version of MapManager the map file upgrade dialogue will be shown, see below.


You can click on the Yes button to apply the suggested changes or press the No button to ignore the changes and correct the issues in the text tab.

Saving the Map Configuration

You can use the File/Save menu item or the corresponding button on the toolbar to save the current configuration to a map file file. For the newly created configurations MapManager will prompt you to select the desired name and the location where the configuration file should be placed. You can save a copy of the file by specifying a different name by using the File/Save As menu item in the MapManager main menu.

Note: When saving the mapfile to a new location and the fontset file and symbol file are specified as relative locations, MapManager will copy the files with relative locations into the destination folder (including the pixmap symbols referred by the symbolset file).